Fry Reglet Architectural Metals - Drywall & Plaster Reveals and Moldings

Product Summary

Fry Reglet's Architectural Drywall & Plaster Reveals and Moldings provide the opportunity to shape and sculpt interior and exterior walls, make seamless transitions, and connect dissimilar materials. Our craftsmanship with Reveals and Moldings is illustrated via our custom curving capabilities, custom profiles and factory fabricated intersections.

Fry Reglet's curving process is precise and our aluminum moldings hold their shape from the factory to thejob site. Whether conforming to conditions such as archways, columns and curved ceilings; or when using Fry Reglet moldings to create a pattern within the wall, Fry Reglet's curving capability can add surprisingly dramatic effects to any project.

Drywall & Plaster Reveals and Moldings

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