Lumber & Engineered Wood

Reliable Truss

Exclusively for National Lumber Company - Reliable Headers prefabricated insulated headers offer strength plus insulation.

Subcategory: Engineered - I-Joist, Engineered - LVL, Engineered Wood Products, Insulated Header
Type: Header

Specialized cutting equipment permits Reliable Truss to offer precision trimmed framing and pre-cut frame packages including Precision End Trimming, Pre-cut Rafters, Precision End Trim Floor Joists, and Floor and Roof Panels.

Subcategory: Framing
Type: Flooring, Rafters, Roof

For both residential and commercial projects, Reliable Truss designs and manufactures wood roof, floor, and timber trusses.

Subcategory: Trusses

Reliable Truss designs & manufactures wood wall panels.

Subcategory: Engineered Panels & Boards
Type: Walls


AdvanTech® is the brand you can trust for superior performance and reliability. When you want to build with the FLAT OUT BEST, choose AdvanTech subflooring and sheathing.

Subcategory: Engineered Panels & Boards, Flooring, Plywood/Sheathing

BB&S Lumber

BB&S provides an extensive range of excellent treated lumber products, including Southern Pine lumber, decking, posts and timbers.

Subcategory: Treated Lumber
Species: Southern Yellow Pine
Type: Decking, Dimension, Timbers


Claymark specializes in producing premium wood products, milled and manufactured to exacting standards and exported to the world.

Subcategory: Pine Boards, Softwood
Species: Radiata Pine


Dakeryn is now one of Canada’s leading wholesale lumber distributors.

Subcategory: Custom Products, Dimension
Species: Spruce-Pine-Fir

Georgia-Pacific Wood

The ForceField® air and water barrier system consists of engineered wood sheathing panels which are laminated with a proprietary air and water barrier and is ideal for residential or light commercial construction.

Subcategory: Engineered Panels & Boards
Treatment: Air & Water Barrier

Ply-Bead® Plywood Panels from Georgia-Pacific provide the rich, traditional look of expensive beadboard planking at a fraction of the cost and labor.

Subcategory: Paneling, Plywood

Lowering attic temperatures, improving moisture performance and delivering outstanding performance is all in a day’s work for roof sheathing from Georgia-Pacific.

Subcategory: OSB, Plywood, Plywood/Sheathing
Type: Roof

Lightweight yet strong, Plytanium® sanded project panels are durable, attractive and ideal for many interior and exterior home construction applications.

Subcategory: Plywood, Sanded Plywood
Species: Southern Yellow Pine

Georgia Pacific's Southern Yellow Pine and Western Softwood Lumber products are offered in a variety of grades and sizes for construction and industrial uses.

Subcategory: Lumber
Species: Southern Yellow Pine, Western SPF

Resisting moisture is only the beginning. Georgia-Pacific’s range of sturdy sub-flooring products have been protecting projects for decades.

Subcategory: OSB, Plywood, Plywood/Sheathing
Type: Sub-Floors

Wall sheathing by Georgia Pacific keeps the elements out while keeping you comfortable.

Subcategory: OSB, Plywood, Plywood/Sheathing
Type: Walls

Hoover Treated Wood Products

Hoover Treated Wood pressure-impregnated fire-retardant lumber and plywood provides fire protection for indoor and outdoor applications.

Subcategory: Fire Retardant

Hoover Treated Wood's preserved lumber and plywood is protected from decay and termite attack. The treated wood is long lasting, durable and can be placed in the ground or in water.

Subcategory: Treated Lumber, Treated Plywood


The wide range of wood products include high quality, fine grain raw material, finished and semi finished products.

Subcategory: Softwood
Type: Appearance & Specialty, Dimension, Studs

Lifespan Solid Select

With LIFESPAN SOLID SELECT pressure treated, primed boards, wood now comes with long-lasting durability and low-maintenance peace of mind.

Subcategory: Treated Lumber
Material: Radiata Pine, Treated Wood
Species: Radiata Pine

Pacific Woodtech

Pacific Woodtech is the premier manufacturer of engineered wood products.

Subcategory: Engineered - I-Joist, Engineered - LVL, Treated/Coated


Rayonier offers dimensional lumber in various lengths and species.

Subcategory: Lumber
Type: Dimension

SBC Cedar

SBC Cedar shingles are the turnkey solution to any home projects. Natural or factory-finished, take advantage of premium quality white cedar shingles available in a wide range of shapes, colors and finishes.

Subcategory: Specialty Wood
Material: Cedar
Siding Type: Shake/Shingle


The majority of Shuqualak's production is wide dimension lumber.

Subcategory: Lumber
Species: Southern Pine
Type: Dimension

Sierra Pacific Industries

Sierra Pacific's reliable and workable lumber is widely used in residential and light commercial construction.

Subcategory: Boards, Dimension, Studs
Species: Green Doug Fir, Hemlock, KD Doug Fir, KD Fir-Larch, KD Hem-Fir, Ponderosa Pine, Sugar Pine, White Fir